LoveJoy Leadership

About LJ CropOur philosophy is simple: Leadership DEMANDS humor and heart to be effective, engaging and empowering.

Our original content is created by taking proven leadership development methods and infusing them with levity, perspective and even a little fun. Why? Because that’s what sticks, that’s what works and because life is too short to be bored by another dry leadership seminar or redundant coaching session.

Our work has impacted leaders at major companies like General Mills, Land O’Lakes and lululemon athletica as well as non-profits like Share Our Strength and Running Start. Our favorite projects are ones where we get to partner with our clients to develop relevant, customized content to cultivate unique leadership styles, develop rich culture and inspire to create unprecedented results. For an abbreviated list of clients, click here.

Ali Rodway, PCC

Ali Headshot PurpleAli Rodway is an innovative coach, dynamic speaker, and high-impact leadership trainer – committed to generating fully expressed individuals, connected teams and inspired leaders. Coaching executives and training teams since 2008, Ali’s work focuses on strengths development, emotional intelligence and generating executive presence at all levels.

Ali has been hired by Fortune 500 companies, top 10 Business Schools and national leadership conferences to speak about topics such as Authentic Leadership, Executive Presence, and Relationship to Risk. In typical Ali fashion, her talks are irreverent, innovative and delightfully engaging, challenging her audience to get in immediate action to spark transformation.

In partnership with her fiancé Jeannie, Ali created LoveJoy Leadership to disrupt the Leadership Development space – bringing play and joy to stagnation, courage to innovation and ownership to entry-level employees.

Ali has trained hundreds of coaches through the Accomplishment Coaching Coaches Training Program and is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) active member and mentor for the International Coach Federation. She also serves on the Advisory Board of Running Start, was the 2015 Co-Chair of the New Leaders Council in Washington, DC and is a member of Leadership Twin Cities.

Jeannie Czerner, MBA

Jeannie_HeadshotJeannie’s commitment to authentic leadership, diverse and inclusive teams, and innovative thinking is the foundation of her coaching and training. After ten years working in finance, technology and consumer packaged goods, Jeannie realized that what matters most is the culture of an organization and the ownership of the shared culture within each individual.

Previously working in finance, strategy, marketing and management, Jeannie has brought her insights, passion and leadership to companies as large as Charles Schwab, Google and General Mills. In her time at General Mills, Jeannie was the President of Betty’s Family, the LGBT Employee Resource Group where she created original content to invite and include LGBT allies to create a more inclusive environment. Jeannie believes that the larger the organization, the more effort that needs to be exerted to promote a culture of creativity, ownership and exploration.

While earning her Masters in Business Administration, Jeannie discovered a passion for leading diverse teams and ensuring that all voices were heard independent of styles. As President of the Michigan Business Women organization (200+ members), Jeannie discovered her voice of leading with love and the power of her authentic leadership. Jeannie brings a belief in everyone’s leadership to her coaching because the best idea can come from anyone in the room if the culture allows. Jeannie also leverages her training as an undergraduate in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley to share that there are no right answers, just differing assumptions and the peculiarities of human nature to understand and channel.

Diversity & Inclusion

The core of diversity and inclusion is a belief that our differences matter and make us more innovative, more resilient and more complex. LoveJoy believes that our differences, visible and not visible, contribute to our perspectives and that allowing differing perspectives to coexist is where the creative and collaborative magic can happen.

The demographics of America are quickly changing. The objectives and visions of individuals and organizations that realize and incorporate these changing environments will be rewarded both financially and in the experience. The biggest treasure towards working within D&I is to bring a sensitivity to language and a willingness to reevaluate ones own perspective.

Front-Line Leadership

We believe that Leadership is not a privilege reserved for the C-Suite and company-wide policies. At LoveJoy we are working tirelessly to disrupt the Leadership Development industry by bringing scaleable leadership coaching, Emotional Intelligence assessments and executive presence training to ALL of employees – including the ones on the assembly line and at the cash register.